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Nathalie RENZACCI - Artistic Painter

Transhumance with Cows - Poya - Poyas - Country Painting - Transhumance of Cows (Poya, Poyas of Cows) - Decoration of Interior - Savoyard Furniture
Environment of the Alps - Decoration of Country cottages - Savoyard Traditional Art - Swiss Traditional Art - Landscapes of Mountain
Environment Country cottage - Alpine Furniture - Mountain Paintings - Decoration on wood - Paintings on wood

Nathalie RENZACCI : Poya, Poyas, Transhumance of Cow, Transhumance with Cows, Country Painting, Paints for Children, Decoration of Interior
Inspired by the mountains where I was born, my painting is mainly based on the Alpine landscapes, animals and Alpine scenes : transhumance of cows, transhumance with cows (poya, Poyas of cows), paintings of cows, Swiss paintings and paintings Savoyard.
You will find everything that you can decorate your home chalet style, creating a real atmosphere of the Alps with panel paintings and objects inspired by traditional art Swiss and Savoy, which will fit perfectly with your furniture or furniture of savoie alpine spirit.

You will find my various creations in the galleries that I propose: Poya of cows (transhumances with cows), country painting, and interior design (decoration of interior).

Enjoy your visit.