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Nathalie RENZACCI - Artistic Painter

Transhumance with Cows - Poya - Poyas - Country Painting - Transhumance of Cows (Poya, Poyas of Cows) - Decoration of Interior - Savoyard Furniture
Environment of the Alps - Decoration of Country cottages - Savoyard Traditional Art - Swiss Traditional Art - Landscapes of Mountain
Environment Country cottage - Alpine Furniture - Mountain Paintings - Decoration on wood - Paintings on wood

Nathalie RENZACCI : Poya, Poyas, Transhumance of Cow, Transhumance with Cows, Country Painting, Paints for Children, Decoration of Interior
All my creations are made using traditional methods. This is why :
- Any command takes between 2 and 4 weeks of delays, and may differ slightly from the picture,
- It is possible to adapt it to suit your taste (size, color, text).

You can also contact me for any special requests (and even send me mail an example of what you would like to see me perform!).

Contacts :
- Phone : +33 6 33 04 14 79 (Sorry, only French speaking)
- Mail :
- To report any malfunction of the site :