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Nathalie RENZACCI - Artistic Painter

Transhumance with Cows - Poya - Poyas - Country Painting - Transhumance of Cows (Poya, Poyas of Cows) - Decoration of Interior - Savoyard Furniture
Environment of the Alps - Decoration of Country cottages - Savoyard Traditional Art - Swiss Traditional Art - Landscapes of Mountain
Environment Country cottage - Alpine Furniture - Mountain Paintings - Decoration on wood - Paintings on wood

Nathalie RENZACCI : Poya, Poyas, Transhumance of Cow, Transhumance with Cows, Country Painting, Paints for Children, Decoration of Interior
Born in 1968 in Bourg Saint Maurice (73 - Savoy - FRANCE), I am the eldest of a family of three children who all inherited artistic talent.
A mother who held a clothing store where she worked fabrics and lace, a dad painter internationally known for his oil paintings with a knife, a brother who makes all kinds of sculptures and wooden objects inspired Savoy, and sister who cultivated the art with the traditional Savoyard cross stitch and parades in period costumes.

I love anything that adds color to life through scenes painted me trigger feelings and emotions, and transports me into a different world around us.

I propose to share my passions and discover my creations in traveling in various galleries of my website.

Thank you all and enjoy your visit,
Nathalie RENZACCI.